Entry #1

Super secret project.

2008-05-24 06:31:41 by Ssilver7

After using flash again, (coming back from a 2 year rest) for some diagrams for an assignment, my inspiration for graphics came flooding back.

I've spent the last few weeks animating up everything for a game that is going to be my masterpiece. Everything is drawn with the brush tool and the animations are frame by frame. This is the first time I've done this, I can't believe how good it looks.

The original plan was to code it up myself as well and I got a basic movement engine going but due to university exams coming up it looked like too much effort to do the rest. And I realised that Iit would take about a month to get it done.

So after an offer from 23450, I decided he was a better option for the job. Not only in getting done quicker, but I think it would be much more playable.

As soon as he gets his hands on the .fla he bumped up the frame rate by 16fps and asked me who makes a game at 20fps. I do Colin, because i'm lazy and fbf is time consuming >=(

Only a select few have seen it (pretty much everyone I can convice to look), but I'm keeping it out of the public domain until the unveiling. Look forward to it.


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2008-06-01 02:03:59

This is a secret project???

Ssilver7 responds:

Well we don't want to spoil the suprise to the general community.

That's why I've I haven't been flashing around my graphics here. The only people who really know about it are my friends and the old FT crew.

That is at least, all I have shown.


2008-06-09 10:02:07

Sounds cool :O

Looking forward to it


2008-06-21 10:31:57

The mystery.


2008-12-22 21:09:50

Fucking GIDDY UP >:(